Industries Served

Burlington Engineering Co. works with OEMs from a broad range of industries. We started out in 1979 as a metal paint stripping company and have expanded to include media blasting and salt bath nitriding services. We are a leader in environmentally-friendly practices and perform all services in-house at our southern California metal processing facility. 


Salt bath nitriding changes the molecular structure of a surface to create case hardened steel components for use in medical and diagnostic equipment. Since the nitrocarburization process changes the surface structure instead of creating a coating, parts treated using salt bath QPQ can still be sterilized. 


Melonite® processing is used to improve wear and strengthen the surface of firearm components to improve fatigue resistance and protect them from friction, scratches, scuffs and corrosion. Barrels, frames, bolt carrier groups, and many accessories are treated with the Melonite® process. 

Energy Sector Oil & Gas

Salt bath nitriding improves resistance to corrosion caused by heat and chemicals and is ideal for components used in industrial oil, gas, mining, drilling, and refining applications as well as energy generation applications. 


A substitution for hard chrome, nickel, cadmium and zinc plating, Melonite surface treatment is used in the components for many weapon systems and aviation applications. 

Gears and Couplings

Melonite® finishing provides a sleek, jet black surface finish that increases strength and provides superior resistance to wear without causing distortion. 


Automotive components including crankshafts, flywheels, camshafts, cams, turbo charger components, engine valves, pushrods, gears, actuators, pulleys. 

Agriculture and Food Processing

Hydraulic and pneumatic components, couplings, gears, housings, and processing equipment. 

We are not limited to the industries listed above and have performed work for other applications including food processing equipment, aerospace components, high performance automotive parts, and agricultural equipment used for harvesting and farming. Our metal finishing facility can accommodate equipment of various sizes and we specialize in the thermal removal of powder coatings.  

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Burlington Engineering, Inc. works with various industries to provide salt bath nitriding, paint stripping and media blasting surfaces for parts and equipment. Contact us today to learn more about our capabilities and discuss your metal coating needs.