Quench-Polish-Quench Process

Includes the properties of Melonite Salt Bath Nitriding and provides:

  • Enhanced Corrosion Resistance
  • Further Decreased Coefficient of Friction
  • Improved Cosmetic Appearance

Quench-Polish-Quench Process

 What Are the Benefits of the QPQ Process?

Resulting properties from the chemical and structural composition changes created through Melonite® QPQ are increased surface hardness, lower coefficient of friction, enhanced surface lubricity, improved running wear performance, increased sliding wear resistance, and enhanced corrosion resistance. Salt bath nitriding is also ideal for food processing and medical equipment because it does not impact the effectiveness of heat or chemical sterilization processes. 

Naturally, the alloy of the substrate will influence which properties are principally affected and to what extent they are affected. Our salt bath nitriding experts can help you select which process will help provide the best level of corrosion and wear resistance for your application.